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Video clip: taking medication voluntarily

Geplaatst op: 16-12-2016 om 19:15 uur.
There was a Grisha Stewart's webinar this week about the power of consent in all species. We can surely recommend this webinar. It can be found by clicking: Consent Webinar. Inspired by this webinar we have made a video clip of Smooch taking in her medication voluntarily. Because Smooch chooses to take her medication in herself the procedure is much more relaxed than if force would be used.

Recommended websites, training programs and books

Geplaatst op: 07-12-2016 om 11:00 uur.
The following training programs, websites and books we have followed or studied lately and we recommend them wholeheartedly:
Online program: Susan Garrett's Recallers

Website Behavior Adjustment Training: Grisha Stewart's website

E-book Behavior Adjustment Training: Behavior Adjustment Training 2.0

E-book keeping your dog calm and focussed and dealing with challenging stimuli: Control Unleashed

Blog motivation, agility and dealing with challenging stimuli: The absoluteDogs Blog

This book is a training journal of a well-known agility handler's young dog: Shaping Succes

Website agility handling techniques: Agility Nerd

Website agility coach Kathy Keats, about the mental aspects of dog agility: Kathy Keats

Detection training: Shunka

Agility training: Hond in Aktie