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Smooch Smooch

Female, born 03-02-2007. She was born in our litter of Skippy and Apache. Call name Smooch.

Health: HD-A (sum of the norberg angles 206), Pennhip DI 0,41-0,36 (70th percentile), back OK, shoulders OK, eyes clear (February 2010), gonioscopy normal, BAER-test normal, DNA CEA normal by parentage (results of ancestors on this page), DNA TNS normal, DNA CL normal.

Dog sports: agility (FCI grade 2, but retired from competitions at this moment), obedience, flyball, dog frisbee, tricks and scent detection (nosework).

Temperament: cheerful and resolute. Smooch is a very fast learner and always enjoys new challenges.

She is fond of: puppies, agility, flyball, balls, food, tugging, frisbees, action games, racing games, puzzle games, learning new tricks, hugs, snuggling up with Skippy or Taff.

Breeding: litter 2010. In August 2012 one of the dogs from this litter started to suffer from short seizures. A few weeks later he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Fortunately he responds well to medication and at this moment (2016) he has been seizure free for 2.5 years and is very active in agility and obedience. However, we have decided not to have another litter with Smooch again. Her offspring will not be used for breeding as well, thanks to their owners. If you have any questions we can be contacted for more information.